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Re: "The Trouble With Tribbles" is the most overrated episode of TOS..

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Nah, it doesn't. It's not my favorite episode, but it's far from the bottom of the list of good episodes.

I am a die hard Trek fan and have been for 40 years
I've clocked 41. Not that length of time watching the series has any bearing on this....

Still waiting to hear specifics. "Sucks" and "bad" don't shed any light on why you have such a violent hatred of this episode.

I like this episode. I don't like Three's Company. So, wrong again. By the way, insulting people does not count as explaining why you don't like this episode. It's certainly not the best method of getting people to side with you.

Okay, getting closer to something here (although saying "bad" twice in the same sentence is cheating). However, it's not poorly written. You might not find it funny, which is fine, but it's obviously a well constructed episode by a writer with a firm grasp of the series and characters. You can dislike something without it being bad. For example, I hate I Love Lucy, but I respect it for the classic it is.

I take him seriously as a Klingon who's duplicitous and who has nothing to gain by being belligerent. Not all Klingon's have to be identical.

Hey, lets end the episode with a pun, brilliant.
And this differs from every other episode that ended with the crew having a laugh exactly how?

This episode tries too hard to be cute and it is BAD.

Continually repeating the word BAD is no substitute for a compelling argument and it's very hard to take that sort of review seriously. I maintain that this is not a bad episode. You just don't like it. Which is fine.
People don't necessarily have to justify an opinion with an in depth analysis and point by point breakdown. Heck, I can't tell you why I don't like TTWT beyond the plain silliness and horribly inappropriate slapstick. I patently don't have the intellectual capacity to provide a more detailed argument, but I do know I simply don't like it.
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