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Yeah, I didn't think DC's TNG comic had good art until the final 10 issues, when Gordon Purcell and Terry Pallot took over. As for DC Vol. 1 #30, that had Carmine Infantino pencilling, and he's one of the all-time legends of comics art, but he didn't do so well at TV adaptations. He was the regular artist on DC's V series around the same time, and I never cared for his work there, since the characters never looked much like they did on the show.
The art in both is techincally good, but it just doesn't look anything like what we saw onscreen. One of the biggest ones that has been in every TNG issue so far is the very strange engineering. Instead of what we saw on the show Geordi is sitting at a big console, and behind him is a big tube coming vertically out of hole in the ground, and it then meets up with a horizontal tube that goes into the wall. It looks absolutely nothing like anything we saw in the series ever. They appear to be into the third season at this point, so I would have thought by then someone would have noticed the inaccuracy. There are other things like that, but that is by far the most obvious.
As for the TOS one it had Uhura either scanning with her phaser, or shooting Klingons with her tricorder, because they showed her using the same device to do both. Then at the end we see her and Kirk in their series uniforms during a scene set in the movie era. This one is at least a little more forgivable since they jumped between eras from one panel to the next.
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