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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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Yes, you said "inspired by" but I first wanted to deal with the myth that it's an adaptation, which it most definitely is not.
But seriously, how does "inspired by" qualify amidst the obvious facts? [...]
Oh come on, that's holding "inspired by" to an absurd standard. That's like saying that West Side Story wasn't inspired by Romeo and Juliet because Tony and Maria don't both commit suicide at the end. Very few people will take that position seriously.
I don't think it is, and thanks for providing a graphic example for something "inspired by".

In Romeo and Juliet you had feuding families and West Side Story puts that in a contemporary context of gangs. And in Titanic the more contemporary context is apparently about classes of society. All these three love stories have in common that they end in tragedy, in the two latter cases by the death of the male protagonist.

But what's in Forbidden Planet that has been inspired by The Tempest? You have a young man, coming to a deserted place, finding the woman he loves, and takes her back with him to civilization.

Technically speaking that's the essence of many classic fairy tale stories, thus to say FP has been inspired by The Tempest makes me wonder (still) what kind of inspiration we are talking about which sets The Tempest apart from the aforementioned fairy tale stories.

If somebody were to claim that Lost was heavily inspired by The Tempest I'd probably have to concur, but with Forbidden Planet I'm unable to do so.

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