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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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^ but I assume by 'classic villains' Konata Izumu was talking about the very sort of unconventional, extraordinary villains Batman has to fight because ordinary cops aren't equipped to.
It is hardly unprecedented for comics characters to be reinterpreted for the screen. Look at Arrow. It uses a lot of characters from DC Comics but "grounds" them in a more naturalistic universe without superpowers. For instance, Count Vertigo becomes a drug kingpin who sells a vertigo-inducing street drug, and Firefly becomes a former fireman who's now a crazed arsonist.

Besides, Batman's rogues' gallery includes a lot of gangster-type figures, like Rupert Thorne, Black Mask, and Maxie Zeus, and serial-killer types like Zsasz. They're not all costumed supervillains.

Remember, in the Nolanverse, Batman wasn't needed because the criminals surpassed what the police could handle; he was needed because the police force was corrupt and ineffectual. What Nolan's Batman did was create a new sense of hope that inspired the Gothamites to take back the city for themselves, and under Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent, rebuild Gotham's police and judicial system so that they could handle crime themselves, thereby leaving Batman redundant. As I already said, that's why Batman retired at the end of TDK -- because he wasn't needed anymore. That was the whole point of the end of the movie. So this is a natural outgrowth of that. Sure, in the context of the comics or an animated version of Batman, it would be strange for Batman not to get involved in fighting major criminals, but in the context of the Nolanverse it is the natural, expected evolution from the end of TDK.

As to your point about cop shows being easy to sell to the public, really, what's the point of setting the show in Batman's fictional city and avoiding all comic trappings? Why not just make it a real city? Easier still to sell.
What's the point of setting some cop shows in New York, others in Boston, others in San Francisco, and so on? What's the point of giving one detective an eidetic memory, another a knack for reading faces, another a forensic-scientist consultant, another a mystery-novelist partner, etc.? The goal is to follow a formula while also making each show a distinct enough variation on that formula to stand out.

Besides, it's not about fictional settings versus real ones. It's about the fact that Nolan's Batman movies were hugely successful and profitable and so of course they'd want to ride those coattails somehow. Heck, Arrow is already an emulation of the Nolanverse's style and approach, and it's doing pretty well. Why wouldn't they want to promote a show as an actual part of that universe? There's money to be made there, and that's the answer to any and every question about why a television network or a movie studio makes a decision.

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So as it stands, unless they do recast Gordon and Blake as I doubt Gary Oldman or JGL will agree to star in the show, it'll likely star brand new characters, or are there police characters from the comics they could use?
Absolutely, yes, there are. It's been mentioned earlier in the thread that there has already been an ongoing comic-book series about the Gotham PD, Gotham Central. It didn't sell well, but it was critically acclaimed.
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