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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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You're right, people should just stop writing crime stories altogether until all the nation's social problems are wrapped up completely. So like, never. Or, maybe they can use those stories as a vehicle to talk about those very issues.
Of course artists should talk about these issues. But I've seen around eight hours of the Nolan/Goyer Gotham saga, and apart from "terrorism murder is bad", I don't see any attempt at making any kind of meaningful contribution to the national conversation. Oh, sure, there are feints and throwaway references to stuff like warrantless wiretapping, the Patriot Act and wealth inequality, but they're almost always immediately forgotten in favor of the next big plot twist, or some BS about the state of Officer Matthew Modine's courage. And while their visual representation of Gotham is deliberately contemporary and realistic, pretty much nothing else is.

Mind, DC isn't alone in this. I have deep misgivings about, say, the nature, jurisdiction, and political accountability of SHIELD. (Never mind the fact that the US government totally owns Tony Stark's Arc reactor technology.) But while MCU entertainment also doesn't say anything remotely related to contemporary crime and punishment, it doesn't feed off of those issues as the Dark Knight trilogy does, either.

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I also like the completely baseless implication of racism, classism, and fearmongering against Jonathan Nolan exclusively, because he wrote stories set in a fictional universe that's been around since the 30s.
Accusing someone of exploiting issues and cultural iconography with heavy racial implications for the purposes of a total fantasy narrative isn't nearly the same thing as accusing them of racism. And I don't care how long the comics have been around, when their adaptations of the same are very much rooted in the now. And "completely baseless"? Are eight hours of film not relevant to a proposed interquel to said films?
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