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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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Not to mention that the notion of a glossy, high-budget show fetishizing a super-criminal vs. authoritarian police "war" at a time when many real American police forces are having to lay off desperately needed officers due to budget cuts, and when prisons nationwide are severely overcrowded and increasingly run for profit, is frankly kinda sick.
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In the meantime, sounds like the rich, white Jonathan Nolan would like to make even more sweet green writing scripts that play into societal fear and distrust of inner cities without waiting to see in which direction the new Batman's Gotham will go.
You're right, people should just stop writing crime stories altogether until all the nation's social problems are wrapped up completely. So like, never. Or, maybe they can use those stories as a vehicle to talk about those very issues.

I also like the completely baseless implication of racism, classism, and fearmongering against Jonathan Nolan exclusively, because he wrote stories set in a fictional universe that's been around since the 30s.

You stay classy, Gaith.
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