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Re: The Fight: worst episode ever?

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KaraBear; wrote:
The doctor can fix it but that doesn't mean that boxing isn't dangerous
If the doctor can fix it then what's the "danger?"

If the EMH's objection is to any activity the could possibly produce an injury, then that covers quite a bit of ground. We saw Picard riding a horse at a canter, Crusher (iirc) once treated a crewmember who broke their arm playing parrises squares.

just because an injury can be healed doesn't mean an activity can't be dangerous. A potential for injury is what makes something dangerous.
It's indeed an interesting question. In Star Trek, they can cure cancer with ease. Does that mean they can eat and drink and smoke whatever and as much they want, and excessively lie around in the sun? There are so many things that we should not do today because it causes cancer. Because right now, cancer is mostly deadly. But what if it could be cured by taking a pill?

Same for AIDS. If we could cure AIDS, could we finally fuck around senselessly?
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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