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Re: No real match for Enterprise refit/Ent-A in the TOS movies?

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The movies really missed the mark on space battles. Always expected something like the one in SPOCK MUST DIE! where the E blows through a mini armada of Klingons, and always HOPED to see something like the one in THE WOUNDED SKY.

Real shame we never got to see the ship go to work while the TMP march played through, though I gamed such scenarios out about a zillion times between 1980 and 1995.
Totally agree, whilst I love cerebral Trek as much as any fan (TMP is one of my faves) The bottom line is the Enterprise is a heavily armed cruiser and a member of the cast as far as I'm concerned, and I want to see her in action. TWOK had excellent space battles, TSFS battle was rather limp but I understand why, TUC was pretty good but left me wanting more, FC was was good but seemed to be over too quickly, INS was poor, end of, NEM was absolutely superb, all that was missing was the fleet which was hinted at but never appeared, ST09's Kelvin battle was great but thought the end one was 'meh' and STID battle was extremely one sided & disappointing to say the least - they had a budget I thought Trek movies could only dream about and the Enterprise doesn't even get to fire a single shot?

For me the absolute gold standard still to this day is the Return of the Jedi's end space battle - epic in scale and excitement, crazy camera angles, fabulous sound and music, and which is why I'd like to see the fleet engaged against a load of Klingon Battlecruisers as part of the next movie.
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