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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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But it would be a cop show with a potentially interesting premise, about a once deeply corrupt city that's now being aggressively cleaned up, but whose cleanup process is built around reverence for a man who actually became a monster. There's a story there.
Except the only important person who knows that to be true is Gordon. And said secret doesn't get out until TDKR, when the result is... nothing, really, what with all the other, more immediate hubbub afoot.
Gordon is the only person who knows it as of the end of TDK. But since it is the truth, there is evidence of it, evidence that other characters could uncover. Many TV series have been about characters finding clues to deep dark secrets and investigating them. And in many such series, the secrets do not become publicly known, either because the protagonists never prove it or because they agree to keep the secrets. So there is no reason a show like this couldn't be fit into the Nolanverse framework.

Small problem: if there were a truly dastardly villain afoot, wouldn't Robin pay Batman a social call a bit earlier than the time of TDKR?
Not all villains are equal. Bane was a major, existential threat. Blake came to Bruce because Gordon had been shot and was talking about an underground army gathered beneath the city. That wasn't just crime, that was terrorism and invasion. The stakes were life-and-death for the whole city, and the head of the police was out of action. Batman was the only place to turn. There could easily be many other threats that didn't rise to the same level.

I mean, we're talking about an ongoing series as opposed to a movie. Naturally you'd want to maintain a certain status quo, and thus it stands to reason that you'd go for villains whose plans are a little more subtle than invading or destroying the entire city. You'd focus on crime bosses who are pursuing less cataclysmic, more long-term strategies -- the kind of characters who can sustain a weekly series as opposed to a movie.

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SHIELD, even absent Iron Man, Thor and co, is an extraordinary organisation dealing with extraordinary threats in a fantastical universe. Gotham PD, without Batman and his gallery of villains, is just another police force in an ordinary city, albeit one with a particularly high crime level.
From the perspective of a comic-book fan, that's a bad thing. From the perspective of a television network executive trying to draw in a general audience, that's a good thing. Cop shows are a perennial favorite with the public. Plenty of people will watch any reasonably good cop show, regardless of what source material it's based on. So this is a safer direction for the network to take than something more extravagantly comic-booky. Given how much money networks have to spend to make TV shows, it's understandable why they'd prefer to play it safe.

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^ Do you mean classic Batman villains, the ones Nolan chose not to show? There could, but doesn't it beg the question Gaith posed, namely why didn't Batman come out of retirement to face them down?
I thought the movies made that extremely clear. One, in the wake of TDK, Batman was seen as a villain, and that was what Bruce wanted. He didn't want the Gothamites to need Batman. He wanted them to mature beyond that rather bizarre need, to take responsibility as a community for building a better, more just Gotham for themselves. And he achieved that by giving them reason to turn against Batman and instead embrace a more conventional crimefighting hero, Harvey Dent. It's the "teach a man to fish" principle. At the end of TDK, Gotham's people had taken responsibility for making the city a better place themselves, following the spirit of Dent, and so they no longer needed Batman to keep the peace. For him to try to be Batman again in that climate would've been counterproductive, would've undermined everything he'd achieved in TDK.

For another thing, as we saw in TDKR, Bruce was practically crippled by all the punishment his body took. He wouldn't have been able to do much crimefighting at that point. On top of which, he was grieving for Rachel and became a recluse.

The point of TDKR is that it took a truly extraordinary threat to overcome those factors and bring Batman out of retirement -- and it had to be after enough time had passed that the people were able to accept him. It's quite easy to believe that he would've stayed out of it as the GCPD dealt with more conventional foes.
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