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Re: 22nd century star clipper...

More incremental progress. One thing Iíve learned with 3D modeling: building up the major components to construct the basic overall shape isnít that time consuming, but building up all the detail---now thatís very time consuming.

Would you believe the little component sitting atop the aft section (above the impulse engines) took me the framework of a day to put together? I started out with a different idea that didnít work to my satisfaction so I fiddled until I came up with something more to my liking that seems to integrate better with the rest of the design. And that is inherent with a lot of the detailing---making the right bits integrate well with what youíve done before.

Detailing is one of those things that can make or break a design even as a lot of it might be overlooked by casual observation. Often detail can be subtle and not really obvious. Itís certainly worth and necessary doing, but man, can it eat up your time.

Iím not really showing any images of the underside yet because I havenít begun to add any significant detail there. But Iím not too far from completing the topside detail and then Iíll move on to the underside.

One thing I can say is that this design will not be sporting a lot of windows unlike later designs we saw in contemporary Trek, which could often seem like we were seeing cruise ships in space. This is meant to look like a piece of machinery (with some of it showing through the skin) and suggesting few amenities.

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