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Re: Red Dwarf 25th Anniversary Thread

Have a bit of a bump.

The collector mentality kicked in again. I wound up getting Back to Earth as well, just to round the collection off, and I've watched them all. Indeed I'm rewatching 10 now just to get the chronology sorted.

So 1-6 were brilliant as I expected. Season 7 wasn't quite as bad as I remembered, but after the great Tikka to Ride, it all went quickly downhill.

The surprise was Season 8. It's hilarious. It has some of the funniest stuff out of the whole series. Great moments, brilliant lines. It gets rid of the jealous Kryten-neurotic Kochanski dynamic that put me off season 7. The problem with 8 is that by bringing the crew back, it dilutes the story, loses the focus on the main characters. It feels like a wodge load of Red Dwarf moments in a show that isn't Red Dwarf. The real problem with 8 though is the finale, where too much is crammed into one episode and it all goes a little wobbly thereafter.

Back to Earth was worse than I remembered. At least on TV I had the novelty of new Red Dwarf after 9 years. This time I knew what was coming!

I'm surprised that Series 10 was commissioned off the back of it!
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