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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

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But it would be a cop show with a potentially interesting premise, about a once deeply corrupt city that's now being aggressively cleaned up, but whose cleanup process is built around reverence for a man who actually became a monster. There's a story there.
Except the only important person who knows that to be true is Gordon. And said secret doesn't get out until TDKR, when the result is... nothing, really, what with all the other, more immediate hubbub afoot.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I could see a major role for, say, a crime boss called Edward Nygma, sometimes nicknamed Riddler for his devious deceptions and master schemes.
Small problem: if there were a truly dastardly villain afoot, wouldn't Robin pay Batman a social call a bit earlier than the time of TDKR?

Christopher wrote: View Post
I imagine the Dent Act itself could provoke a backlash from criminals, just as Batman's emergence provoked a backlash. The reaction to Batman was the Joker, the emergence of the supercriminal. Perhaps the reaction to the Dent Act could be the criminals developing a more sophisticated and unified organization of their own to counter it, or operating more subtly to try to stay under its radar, as opposed to the more brazen activities they were free to commit before.
No offense, you've brought your conceptual A-game as usual, but I can't tell you how sleepy reading this makes me feel.

Not to mention that the notion of a glossy, high-budget show fetishizing a super-criminal vs. authoritarian police "war" at a time when many real American police forces are having to lay off desperately needed officers due to budget cuts, and when prisons nationwide are severely overcrowded and increasingly run for profit, is frankly kinda sick.
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