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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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Seriously, Robert Comsol? You actually think that I, a professional writer in the English language, could somehow not already be familiar with Shakespeare?
Hear, hear...Do you really need to invoke "the argument of authority"?

Christopher wrote: View Post
You are, of course, correct that there are major differences between the play and the film's story. But that is why I said the film was "inspired by" the play rather than "adapted from" it. As trevanian points out, the filmmakers have made it clear over the years that the play was their inspiration.
Yes, you said "inspired by" but I first wanted to deal with the myth that it's an adaptation, which it most definitely is not.
But seriously, how does "inspired by" qualify amidst the obvious facts?

Supposedly, Dr. Morbius is Prospero, his daughter Altaira is Miranda, Commander Adams is Ferdinand, Robbie the genie Ariel and the Monster from the ID probably Caliban, but in summary FORBIDDEN PLANET is definitely an antithesis:
  • Prospero brings the travelers against their will to the island, Morbius wants them to return to Earth
  • Prospero schemes for Miranda to meet Ferdinand, Morbius tries to prevent her encounter with Adams (thus giving birth to his monster)
  • Calibanís assasination plans are unsuccessful, the Monster from the ID kills Morbius
  • and while Ariel is set free in the end, Robbie continues to serve the space travellers as astronavigator.
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