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Re: Post your TrekBBS "Blasts from the Past" here!

LOL I must see if it's still there
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Equals? Your English is better than many native speakers I know.
awww, thank you
Actually, I'm cheating. My grammar is better than that of most posters here but my vocabulary is quite limited as I forgot so many words over the last decades. Since I am rather fluent and know ways to paraphrase what I mean, you don't notice how few words I actually use.

I love those screen shots! Looks like I missed quite some fun while I was gone.

Does anyone recall the duals back from 2001? It took Lisa 6 months to realize that Rethgill was (the banned) Lighter backwards.
And what a shame they banned Che's dual Lord of the Onion Rings. It was such a good name!
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