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I have only seen the Behind the Scenes, and boy is that over the top. It seems to me that they are senselessly burning money. If you thought Cameron's Titanic was over the top, this one beats it definitely.

I find it also ironic how they all brag about how they build real sets and went to real locations and stuff, and while they talk about it, they show all the over the top CGI laden scenes. They build a train with complete with 6km railroad tracks, but the final scene looks still incredibly fake, because they had to digitally enhance the background (more train wagons, "enhancements" to the western background) etc...
Then they show Johnny Depp doing a stunt on the actual train set, and then they show the scene from the film were it looks artificial and fake. So they wasted all the money for doing something for real, but the end product looks like something they could have done for cheaper in a studio anyways.

That's my reason why I don't watch these kind of films anymore.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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