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Re: Elysium - grade/review and spoilers - also controversy

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I'm confused? I haven't seen the movie, but, tthe previews lead me to believe this movie is about an upper class living in a Utopia on a moon or in orbit or something, while the rest of society lives in the Ghetto called Earth, right?

How does that in anyway send a message of Socialism, lack of classes, Universal Healthcare, and every other liberal "Wet Dream" agenda?
DEVIL'S ADVOCATE: From the previews it seems the movie wants to "criticize" those who live in wealth and privilege while everyone else lives in a society where things don't come easy or cheap. The "ultimate liberal dream" is one where I, a person making $40,000 a year, can get access to cheap, good, health care as a person making $400,000 a year. Now, granted, I CAN get good health care thanks to insurance but I still end up having to pay $100s in bills from what insurance doesn't cover, not to mention I hardly get "the best doctor."

Meanwhile that richer person snaps his fingers, gets the best doctors in the country and can either pay the bills off out-right with the money in his couch cushions or can afford great, 100% coverage insurance.

That seems to be what the movie is "attacking" Matt Damon's character needs doctorin' but can't get it living as a poor person on Earth. Meanwhile the rich live in a paradise in the sky with cancer-curing machines in their living room.

I can "see" the message. I don't necessarily think it is there or as obvious as some make but I think I can see where they are coming from.

On the movie itself? I see almost no reason to see. None of the trailers and such I've seen have quite motivated me to see it.
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