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Re: Elysium - grade/review and spoilers - also controversy

Mister Fandango wrote: View Post
that doesn't mean the creators of those works schemed to advance some hidden agenda as part of a massive world-wide conspiracy.
While I think that the neo-conservatives are way over reacting to this piece of fiction nonetheless, Blomkamp also directed District 9 and anyone claiming that wasn't an illeration to apartheid would be a liar.

In otherwords, he has a history of being involved in politically charged films.

That said - based on how the world is today and where it is headed it isn't a stretch to believe that one day the rich would live off world leaving the poor to live down here.

Shit - that is pretty much how it is today on planet earth.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Sure looks like there's a message. Most stories have a point, don't they? So what is the point of this one? Seems pretty obvious.
The director of the film is denying there is any, 'point,' - claming that it's pure fiction. I'm not sure he's being completely forthright about that.

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