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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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I just want real Star Trek now -- Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise, and a good story. No Captain Benson Harding of the Federation Starship Pantheon, no Cadet Sel'ltza of Starfleet Academy's elite Red Squad, no Captain Elizabeth Walker of the 29th Century Federation Timeship Moon-phase.
So you don't want new stuff, then ? That's very unfortunate.
I'm with Hober Mallow on this one. Simply, I'm burnt out on the watered-down Trek that we got in the mid-90's. For all his flaws, something happened when Roddenberry passed away. It seemed like all the fun was sucked out of the franchise. Abrams brought back the fun and I hope that if a TV series is launched that they look to the Abrams films and TOS and remember fun is part of the equation.
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