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Europa moon Lander mission - science

A future Europa lander mission would present great science opportunities for the astrobiological exploration of Europa.
A mission to discover whether Europa moon is habitable.
There is a sci-fi film that was released this Summer called Europa Report TrekBBS thread here that is a hard science manned mission to Europa. While a manned mission is not possible in the next 10-15 years we could send a unmanned lander and in the future humanoid robots to explore the surface.

2 years ago NASA was in the concept phase of planning the The Jupiter Europa Orbiter mission would launch 2 landers in 2020.
and a pair of landers to Europa by 2026.

let's discuss the science of it.
Here, we summarize the science of a Europa lander concept, as developed by our NASA-commissioned Science Definition Team.
the full text article Science Potential from a Europa Landerincluding
a suggested strategy of drilling into the surface up to a depth of 10 cm and obtaining samples from at least two different depths
so unlike the mission in the plot of the sci-fi film Europa Report the Jupiter Europa Orbiter (JEO) would not seek to tunnel into this ocean under the ice.

let's keep this on topic with the science.
If you want to discuss the funding and politics of funding please go here
funding for NASA/ESA mission to Europa [financial/political ONLY]

Sending humans that far is decades away. In the mean time humanoid robots are far more likely to land on a distant moon or planet first. See the plans on this thread for uses:
Japan taking humanoid robots to moon by 2015

a related Europa mission exploration thread from a few years ago:
All these worlds are yours... including Europa (and perhaps Enceladus)
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