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Re: The Fight: worst episode ever?

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Your avatar looks almost exactly like my childhood cat.

Also add False Profit to the list of episodes that forever protect all other episodes from being referred to as 'Worst ever'. WINGS OF FIRE! WINGS OF FIRE! WINGS OF FIRE! Honestly, with a population that stupid, without the Ferengi they all probably died of exposure, lacking the cognitive abilities to dress themselves in the morning.

I can accept that for Kes her complete isolation for years made her a bit loopy. But the knowledge they gained in the past made it so their actions in future episodes made no sense, and the fact that the ship being ripped apart by the Vidian hooks didn't change the future at all was another ridiculous abuse of the reset button.
I liked parts of False Profits. I always found the Ferengi funny.

As for Kes, her isolation probably contributed to her being angry, also as we saw in another episode old Ocampans loose their memory. Plus when she came onto Voyager she was a year old. It was like a teenager running away with her boyfriend, not really thinking about the consequenses of never seeing her family again. As she got older and gained more life experience Kes probably began to realize that. On top of her loosing her memory it all comes together to make angy Kes, I think it makes perfect sense.
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