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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

^^ Some of that awesome stuff had better appear on screen, and not a goofy "imagine what happens" as Angel and the team learn about Dex and Deb during the last 10 minutes of the finale.

They should be finding out now. Not at the last minute.

+1 to all of davejames' critical observations. All I can say on the positive side is that we do have 6 episodes left... and the third last episode is called "Goodbye Miami." So there's hope yet for the story to unfold with some development, excitement and closure. I so want to see the Morgans on the lam.

It would be cool to have a lot more dead people from previous seasons talking to Dexter in his mind to wrap things up (figuratively). I'd love to see Doakes again, he was killed off so soon! Classic Dexter, muthafucka.
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