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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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And take the rollbar off and you lose alot of that war-capability.
...which excuse doesn't mitigate the war capability with the rollbar ON.

Although the phasers on the rollbar are exactly like the phaser ball emitters on the rest of the ship
Are they exactly the same? The special effects on TWOK made them seem the same, but they sure looked like they were meant to be different and more piowerful.

so I don't think it gave it more firepower but just better phaser coverage.
...which a warship would need.

The 2 tubes facing aft might be more indicative of the necessity to flee a battle and discourage pursuers. I would've put more forward tubes on the Reliant to really indicate a firepower advantage over the Enterprise, IMHO. (Heck, the TOS Enterprise had 6 tubes facing forward...)
So the USS Iowa's aft 16-inch gun turret was there so it could run away?
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