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Re: Navigational deflectors ... what's up with this?

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For TOS and movie era ships, since nothing in dialog has EVER positively identified that big dish as a "deflector" anything, I happily conclude that the dish on the Enterprise is actually a ramscoop.
Fine if this works for you, but I feel that just because a visual component of a ship has not been explicitly mentioned and illustrated in the footage, is no justification that its identification is up for grabs.

The creator of the Enterprise (Matt Jefferies) clearly identified the parabolic dish as the main sensor of the ship in his side view schematic illustrated in The Making of Star Trek. To me the parabolic dish looks like a scanning device, so I don't see any need to re-interpret its function or to "re-invent the wheel".

The Making of Star Trek (in text) also refers to this bow section of the ship as "main sensor-deflector".

I admit that blssdwlf just literally opened my eyes (not the first time) that we might be looking at two components, i.e. the parabolic sensor dish in front of the main deflector assembly which possibly consists of several deflectors / rings.

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
Klingon ships have this too, built into the "wings" of their engineering hulls, and the Reliant has those vents on the underside of its hull.
Could you be more specific? Yes, the Klingon Battlecruisers appear to have intakes (at the front of their wings, very much resembling ramjet intakes of early jet fighters) and according to the official TMP Blueprints and the answers I got from Andrew Probert those gridded structures and panels have intake or venting functions (apparently for space hydrogen and/or space / "dark" energy).

Interestingly, these gridded structures are like a red thread in the design of Federation ships. The Oberth Class has these (and rather large, I should add), Kirk's Television Enterprise has these (on the three rectangular blocks close to the main sensor-deflector component) and the TMP Enterprise features these structures, too (grey or blue color).

I'd say the intakes are all there, but apparently I believe these to be at a different location (nice though, that apparently neither of us assumes these to be at the very front of the warp nacelles ).

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