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Re: Gotham PD show in "Nolanverse" being developed by the WB

Mike Farley wrote: View Post
Wouldn't a Gotham PD show in the "realistic" Nolanverse just be... a regular cop show? Nolan's Gotham isn't exactly crawling with super-crime.
The Gotham mob's back was broken by the events in TDK and the subsequent Dent Act, so between more conventional stories about taking the last of the mob down we'll most likely get to see the rise of the "Freaks" to prominence, just without anything overtly supernatural if they remain true to the universe. Magic and superpowers will be replaced by high tech gadgetry and futuristic science (a lot of it sketchy and borderline pseudoscience probably).

Of course, if they do go that way and not strictly more conventional mob and criminal stories, it kind of makes Batman look like a dick remaining on the sidelines while all this is going on, especially since he was the one that sort of spawned the Freaks by "escalating" things.
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