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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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You ignored the rest of my quote in which I indeed said they could.
No I didn't; on the contrary, you ignored the rest of MY quote in which I said it's likely they were ALREADY a hundred years old by the time Kirk went into retirement. That they can survive just about long -- and DID -- is why we never saw them again.

I actually wouldn't expect Kirk to run into NX-03. As I said earlier, I don't think every design lasts 100 years. I think the majority of starship designs do eventually become obsolete and are retired, replaced by newer designs.
And as I said, I believe the Constitution class became obsolete some time before Wrath of Khan and was in the process of being replaced by the Constellation class. We know for a fact that the USS Hathaway was commissioned around this time, and we also know that Hathaway was far from the first ship of its class. Between the Excelsiors, Constellations and Soyuz types all coming off the assembly line all around this time, it seems obvious the Constitutions were being modernized only to squeeze out some last bit of usefulness from the old designs (or as a testbed for new technologies, like the Albany class CG conversions) only to quickly find themselves outmoded by newer and more capable designs.
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