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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

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Too much sentlement towards ideas and productions of old cancelled TV shows in the 1990's - there is only so much you can spin off from the original Trek concept, that's why the reboot is the only way to make Trek work in today's mainstream.
Not just the mainstream. I was a Trek fan from before TNG, and I'm burned out on spin-offs. I just want real Star Trek now -- Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise, and a good story. No Captain Benson Harding of the Federation Starship Pantheon, no Cadet Sel'ltza of Starfleet Academy's elite Red Squad, no Captain Elizabeth Walker of the 29th Century Federation Timeship Moon-phase.

I'm not a big fan of Abrams' Trek, but it's given me hope that the next reboot could be even better. And, if not, the next one after that could be good. But no more TV spinoffs. Team Berman beat that horse to death.
So everyone just wants to see TOS rebooted every 5-10 years...!?! That is lame!

The majority of Trek fans want to see Star Trek back on tv. That is where it belongs. It needs to be original and done right and created for a new generation but also appealing to the older generation of Trek fans. It needs to be far enough away from the older Trek so it's not just rehashing everything and going over things that have been done to death but it still needs to keep the same Trek vibe.
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