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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Actually, what we can take from this is a Klingon general's belief that Starfleet (and Kirk) existed solely to fight Klingons and Spock stating that was not the case.
You're forgetting that Chang is actually part of Cartwright's group of co-conspirators and was probably eavesdropping on that classified briefing just like Valeris. He specifically asked that question as a way of sabotaging what was an otherwise perfectly friendly occasion by goading Kirk into saying something undiplomatic.

I think it's simply a case that the Federation and the Klingons just agreed to end their cold war and stop pointing their guns at one another. As far as the lack of Constitution-class ships in TNG, it's far easier to attest that to it just being a long out-of-production design from the previous century (not every design can last 100 years, IMO).
Maybe they CAN? For all we know, the Constitution class (in its original version) has been in service since the 2290s. In that sense, the Constitutions wouldn't be Alreigh Burke destroyers; they'd be the old Cleavelands, about half of which got to soldier on a little longer when Starfleet rebuilt them with the latest gear.

The other thing to consider is that the Miranda class ships like Reliant probably didn't replace the Constitutions the way we're thinking. It's more likely that distinction goes to the Constellation class, which is inexplicably still in service after 80 years.

We can even go with the idea that there are still some Constitution-class ships in the 24th-Century, but that they're deployed where our heroes aren't (being deployed somewhere else would also explain the lack of Ambassador-class ships after Wolf 359 and the absence of the Sovereign-class during the Dominion War).
I could take this being true of the Constellations, since we have actually seen a few of these lurking about a few times in TNG. But I think the Constitution design family traces back WAY farther than we give them credit for; we could expect to see them in TNG the same way we'd expect Kirk to run into NX-03.
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