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Re: Was Beverly a waste of space?

I actually liked Crusher, and back in the day, even had a crush on her, no pun intended. Honestly, I was always convinced that Crusher and Picard would eventually get together, but I suppose the closest thing is the alternate timeline in ALL Good Things. I think it would have been more interesting if it it had started out that Crusher was more conflicted about Picard: on one hand, he was an old family friend who always was there to help her and Wesley, but on the other hand, she actually BLAMED Picard for Jack Crusher's death. As the show progressed they could have went from Crusher having a passive aggressive resentment for Picard, to a romantic relationship where they both felt guilty for theri feeling because of their connection to Jack Crusher, to actually resolving the relationship somehow, in the end (Be it, they fully commit or just agree to be friends).

They farted around too much with the writing, though. You can argue a lot of that DID happen behind the scenes, but it seemed like they couldn't decide if they wanted Picard to be a Ladies' man or have some kind of relationship, sort of like Riker.

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Did Worf have a big head?

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^You'd have to ask K'ehleyr...or Jadzia...or maybe Troi....
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