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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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The Bozeman was a separate subclass and not a standard Miranda, and one could argue that the same is true of the Saratoga (I know one offscreen source that treats it this way, with the Saratoga having been modified to be lead of a new class). Since the modified Saratoga didn't appear until DS9, I was mainly referring to those ships we saw in TNG.
But then again, we never saw a "standard" Miranda after "The Voyage Home" until the Dominion War came along. All of these subclasses could've been Starfleet experimenting with a "de-fanged" version of the ship and then re-mounting the rollbars whenever a war broke out for a quick conversion from exploration ship to warship, IMHO.

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Wait, when was the Enterprise ever a dedicated warship? She was an explorer and patrol ship with 14 science labs aboard, and numerous first-contact missions to her credit.
She was also part of the "frozen" "military forces" identified by the Organians ("Errand of Mercy") and also her presence in the Romulan Neutral Zone would be viewed as a "military intrusion" ("Way to Eden"). IMHO, the Enterprise-A at the time of her retirement was probably a lot more like a warship that could explore than a multi-role ship that could do anything. Her class retirement along with the "military program" of Starfleet after "The Undiscovered Country" is an interesting coincidence that I'm taking advantage of

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Seems the Mirandas with the 4-tube torpedo pod and heavy rollbar phasers is the more warlike ship.
And take the rollbar off and you lose alot of that war-capability. Although the phasers on the rollbar are exactly like the phaser ball emitters on the rest of the ship so I don't think it gave it more firepower but just better phaser coverage. The 2 tubes facing aft might be more indicative of the necessity to flee a battle and discourage pursuers. I would've put more forward tubes on the Reliant to really indicate a firepower advantage over the Enterprise, IMHO. (Heck, the TOS Enterprise had 6 tubes facing forward...)
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