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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I could imagine that being the case. Of course, if Starfleet was a real military organization, there's no way they would have allowed Riker to continue serving as Enterprise's first officer. Especially after they lost so many commanders after the Borg attack. He would have been ordered to assume command of a vessel. Perhaps they would have given him the choice of which one but the end result is he would have been kicked upstairs.
Which is part of the problem with Roddenberry's idea of what constitutes the Trek pantheon. Even humans of the twenty fourth century should be somewhat ambitious, though perhaps not ambitious for the same reasons that humans of today are. There's absolutely no reason why Riker wouldn't have wanted a command of his own, even if it meant leaving Enterprise.

One idea that I think should have been explored is Riker remaining in command of Enterprise after "The Best of Both Worlds" as Picard is allowed to take an extended leave of absence on Earth (beginning in "Family"). Captain Riker is eventually demoted or otherwise removed from command later in the season, which conveniently happens when Picard is ready to return. This justifies keeping Riker aboard Enterprise and also explains how Picard could return. In any case, it's more believable than Riker remaining an executive officer for fifteen years.

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