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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I think that was what Riker initially wanted when Necheyev briefed them but she was pretty entrenched with Jellico due to his experience with Cardassians.
It wouldn't surprise me, though, if Riker's turning down a commission at least three times (and possibly a fourth time following "TBOBW" before he agreed to a reduction in rank to continue being Picard's beotch) that Starfleet would be reluctant to ever again offer him command of anything.
I could imagine that being the case. Of course, if Starfleet was a real military organization, there's no way they would have allowed Riker to continue serving as Enterprise's first officer. Especially after they lost so many commanders after the Borg attack. He would have been ordered to assume command of a vessel. Perhaps they would have given him the choice of which one but the end result is he would have been kicked upstairs.
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