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2 months ago we crossed the 400 ppm of Carbon dioxide and no one cared. According to the IPCC that's the red line and a global climate increase over 5 to 6 degrees is now the best case scenario. The ugly truth is we just aren't going to make it.

Suddenly we are hearing about all this excitement about space privatization. I think we all know why, the 1% plan to escape to their space habitats and colonies to the moon and Mars. We can't save this planet but we can damn well make sure the 1% suffer with us. That's why I don't support space exploration and neither should you.

Besides most scientist are resigned to the fact that FTL is impossible.
The more space travel, the more common the tech, the cheaper it will be, bringing it within reach of more than 1% of the population. All technology works this way.

You simply don't need FTL to seed the planets and asteroids belts. Starseed projects can eventually take over from there once we do, perhaps following suit of alien methodology if they are out there: Some recent news from David Brin's blog:

There are certainly success stories with pollution reduction (LA for example), and lots of clean energy technologies are being subsidized and proliferated by world governments and motivated private companies. Combined with that, or even potentially if such efforts fail, future technologies for clean-up are promising.

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"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities".

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