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Re: Something To Work Towards

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(I hate categorizing people)
You can laugh, but it's true. I'd rather deal with a person than whatever labels he sticks on himself. It's hard for people to get to know one another on an internet forum, so I'll give you that one.

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Recently I've heard several news stories of millennials (I hate categorizing people) living with their parents because they don't see a clear way to self-sufficiency. The situation these people find themselves in isn't that far removed from their parents' and grandparents' situations when they first ventured out on their own.
Is it that they don't see a clear way to self-sufficiency, or is it that they see video games, internet, TV, HBO, cigarettes and beer as being part of basic living expenses?

I pretty much agree with your post. There are so many young people with bachelors degrees begging for money on the street because they say "I have a BA, I shouldn't have to work at Starbucks."

My bachelors degree was in psychology. For a year and a half I applied exclusively to research assistant jobs and mooched off my parents because I felt exactly that way, that I was owed the career I wanted.

Then I got a part time job counting inventory and started a masters program in IT. I worked hard at that job and worked hard at school, got my IT degree, and now I'm a software engineer.

In the 1990s we kind of decided that education was all about exploring the child's self esteem, so they all got the strange idea that the world revolved around their feelings.

You can have the career you want. You just need to work way harder than you think you do and take jobs you don't want in the mean time. Five years working hard at a menial part time job makes a much better resume than five years of living at home.
I was thinking about it today. In trying to give our young people the things we didn't have at their age, we might have made a big mistake. When I was in my 20s a "cell phone" was hard wired into a car, and was prohibitively expensive. Computers were scarce and expensive. I got cable when I was 22, and there weren't many channels. I watched it on a 19" tv that didn't have a remote. My first VCR was a Beta, and I saved for months to buy it. It didn't have a remote either.

Back then I could get a pack of Marlboros, a 6 pack of Bud, 5 gallons of gas, and get change back from a $10 bill.

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While we can go in different directions, Gene Roddenberry's end product of a positive vision of the future is more possible than it ever has been, but the route it will take to get there is likely very different than the Roddenberry vision.

If society ever gets to the point where no one has to go hungry, it will be a good day. But I don't think it will ever look like GR's vision.
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