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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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We know it doesn't end well because of the way the 5th season started with Walt in a car full of guns. Then the rest of the 8 episodes dealt before that.
Because of that scene, the only thing I feel comfortable predicting is that Walt will pull the trigger on that "vanishing act" new identity service that Saul offered him in season 3. In addition to the guns, he's changed his appearance, is in a totally different part of the country, and has fake ID with a different name. Somehow, he's going to figure out that Hank has found him out and he'll get the hell out of Dodge before he can be taken in.
Do you think Walt could make the case to Hank to not take him down. Walt has a way of justifying things to himself and others, perhaps he can convince Hank that it would be better to take out some larger entity? Walt can give Hank "Heisenberg" in one form or another without actually having to see his family suffer. We may see Walt going out in a way that saves Hank and everyone else by sacrificing himself. Jesse may walk away, but I see him walking away with some sort of painful reality ahead.

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Yeah I forgot about that. The last episode jumped forward a little bit to show life returning to normal, and Walter just being a regular guy again.

It'll be interesting to see if he has to resume cooking again for some reason, or if Hank will have to rely solely on piecing together evidence from the past. In which case you wonder how many other clues Walt missed or forgot to cover up...
This is an interesting thought.
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