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Re: Director Jon M. Chu Rumoured to be Front Runner for Star Trek 3.

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All the Trek fans hating on JJ Abrams. I sure hope some of you get what you deserve.
Um... what? I don't understand this comment on any level. Could you explain?

Well JJ is an A list director, now that he is gone Trek might have a B list director that would mess up the franchise. the same franchise that JJ has helped greatly and all what many TOS fans have done is spit on he man. so there. Some of you might just get what you deserve
I'm just not getting your point. At all.
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I guess all I am saying is that it is unfair how some Trek fans hate on JJ's Trek films.
It's entirely fair. It's called opinion.

I do believe some of the fans who didn't like JJ's Trek films may come to appreciate him now that he is gone.
I love what Abrams and, to an even greater extent, Damon Lindelof did with LOST. I don't like Abram's version of Star Trek. It's just not my cup of tea.

I don't need Trek to have an A-list director. I don't need Trek to become the cool kid. I just want a good story. And you can't blame JJ Abrams' critics for the fact that ID didn't rise to the heights you apparently want it to. ID did very well for a Trek film. Be happy it was successful enough to make the studio very happy and guarantee another film. Star Trek will never be the monster Star Wars or Lord of the Rights or most super hero movies are. Never. But so what? If you enjoyed the movie, what does it matter?
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