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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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^From what I read, this is actually a restaurant that Brees visits regularly. He's always getting food there and he's even taken pics and signed autographs for the staff. So my question is... if you someone big and famous like that who always comes to your venue, is always super cool, and normally gives you nothing to gripe about, why would you publically call him out and create a pseudo-controversy over this? If I was Brees, I would stop going there. He obviously can't trust them to not behave like dicks.
I finally googled the details. It's a restaurant I've actually gone to a few times. Pretty good stuff! But the parking structure is all manners of annoying so I will reiterate... should be an errand for a personal assistant

Anyway the times I was there the place was not very busy, so I doubt I would tip for takeout. Last night I grabbed takeout from a place that had a lot more traffic, and the waiter that had to deal with my takeout order had a dozen other things going on as well, and was really scrambling. So I gave him 2 bucks on top of my 10 dollar order.

I guess that's the weird thing. If I had decided to tip, I couldn't bring myself to tip just $3 on a 75 dollar bill. I would feel ok not tipping, so in some ways $3 almost feels worse

Especially if you're a rich fuck like Drew Brees.
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