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Re: Alternate history tv shows

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A perennial favorite of late-night cable TV:

(RKO, 1946)

Archeologist "Indy" Jones (Jimmy Stewart) and his girlfriend Marion (June Allyson) and sidekick Sallah (Orson Welles) undertake a quest to find the Ark of The Covenant before the Nazis do. Directed by John Ford (under protest and contractual obligation), Raiders continues to be a fan-favorite despite it's obvious low-budget back-lot locations. The film does feature some innovative special effects work by Ray Harryhausen (although there is an obvious pane of glass separating Stewart from a snake in one scene). Look for some interesting supporting performances by Peter Lorre as the Gestapo Agent Major Toht, and Claude Raines as Indy's rival Dr. Belloq. Despite the film's age and flaws, many find it to be superior to Steven Spielberg's 1981 re-make starring Tom Selleck as Jones and Sean Young as Marion.

(Excerpted with permission from "The Ultimate Movie Guide" by Roger Ebert (1999, Schuster & Simon, New Amsterdam)
I never much cared for Raiders...but I never passed up the chance to catch one of the old Lone Ranger movies on late night tv. I always thought Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce nailed the characters of Tonto and The Ranger. Johnny Depp's recent attempt to channel Rathbone's Tonto felt really flat by comparison, nearly as lame as that weak re-make he did of Ernest Borgnine's Oscar-winning film, Harvey.
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