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Re: Who's downloading this early?

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Um, downloading what?
Gee, what forum was this posted in?
RAMA, you've been making a habit lately of starting threads with posts which are either cryptic (as this one) or consist only of a title and link. That needs work.

You should at least make it clear what the thread is about and (preferably) offer some comment of your own as a place for discussion to begin; it shouldn't have to fall to someone else to explain your topic for you.

What you should not do is act like a dick toward someone who's only asking you what your thread is about.
M', not a mind-reader and didn't know WTF you were talking about, either
I thought it was major, well-known news that STID will be available early for download. Did I really need to clarify this on a STID forum that includes tons of DVD-Bluray news? Apparently so...

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