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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antimatter injector. It's stuck again. I guess I could be like Kirk and just kick the crap out of it.
B is for Berengarian dragons. Vulcans like T'Pol and Spock seemed to be familiar with the species.
C is for Chekov. He screams like a girl but has the constitution of a girly man.
D is for Deltan women. Bald and celibate. At least they're celibate around Earth humans and other Federation humanoids.
E is for Ekos. Planet of the Nazi's.
F is for Ferengi Marauder spacecraft.
G is for Gomtuu.
H is for Harry Mudd's alter ego when he first encountered the Enterprise crew: Captain Leo Walsh.
I is for Iconian Orifices.
J is for Journeys to unexplored worlds and star systems.
K is for Klingon pants. They like 'em tight.
L is for Leonard James Akaar. His Mom is CatWoman. The wackadoodle one.
M is for Melakon of Ekos, the real power behind that world's Nazi regime.
N is for Neela. Bajoran assassin.
O is for Orb. Even though it looks like an hourglass in a box?
P is for Pacifica, a beautiful ocean-covered planet and the location of at least one major conference of Federation member worlds.
Q is for quirky computers that only communicate through swirling, blinking lights. They seem to be a mainstay of TOS. Just how high was the people that designed those User Interfaces? How can anybody get any work done?
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