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Re: Director Jon M. Chu Rumoured to be Front Runner for Star Trek 3.

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Um... what? I don't understand this comment on any level. Could you explain?

Well JJ is an A list director, now that he is gone Trek might have a B list director that would mess up the franchise. the same franchise that JJ has helped greatly and all what many TOS fans have done is spit on he man. so there. Some of you might just get what you deserve
That will be enough. serenitytrek1, you are on very thin ice at this point, and are strongly advised to stop posting until such time as you are able to exercise much better judgement in choosing what (and what not) to say.

oh gosh, I don't know what to say anymore, its like I am always misunderstood on this site and it is not my intention to come off that way.

I guess all I am saying is that it is unfair how some Trek fans hate on JJ's Trek films. JJ did good work with Trek this past 7 years and now that he is gone he may be very hard to replace.

I do believe some of the fans who didn't like JJ's Trek films may come to appreciate him now that he is gone.

I have also deleted my comments on Spielberg so you dont have to mark it as spamming anymore. It was not my intention to spam this site.


lastly just listed their best summer films since 1975. Trek 09 and STiD made the list, Trek 09 is even ranked higher than star wars episode 4 and 5.


that's says a lot about the great work JJ has done for star trek.

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