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Re: Was Beverly a waste of space?

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How come any culture she did not find to her tastes, she utterly condemned as "bad" or "savage"?

Surely if one is merely living in a multi-species Federation, such judgmental/holier-than-thou attitudes hold no place. Reminds me of when she said in Sins of the Father "what kind of weapon causes a vicious wound like that?" lol. yeah, Klingons will stop using weapons of their choice invented by their Kahless divinity, just because some dopey-arse Starfleet doctor says so.
She only condemned them when they were out killing and murdering each other.

Following Starfleet regulations doesn't mean you have to apply moral relativism to your own personal feelings.

Only in this obnoxious decade could we call extending personal empathy to everyone without exception a sign of arrogance.
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