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Re: Star Fleet Universe

Looks like ATL is nearing completion; a look at the cover art (spliced from a couple of pre-existing art works) has just gone up.

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I've had a copy of Star Fleet Battles Commander's Edition since I found one at a garage sale for about $1. Very cool. I've always wanted to play it, but never knew anyone that did. Now I've bought a copy of Federation Commander and really want to play that. I'm keeping an eye out at my local game store to see if anyone plays. Mostly I see Magic and D&D there, but they do have an X-Wing league and the new Star Trek Attack Wing is based on that system, so I'm hoping it will spark some interesting Star Trek mini-gaming. I've thought about putting together a game with scenarios for teaching a beginner how to play, but since I myself never have played...
There's a Starlist page on the ADB website, where you can enter info and get a list on who may be in your area.

(Or, if you didn't want to go that route, there may be someone on the ADB BBS, the FC forum, or the Mongoose boards who could help instead.)

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Not a fan of the overall "take" that Amarillo has on the Trek universe, but I do like the concept of the Prime Teams from the Prime Directive RPG. Having a designated team of personnel for first contacts and suh just seems to make sense.
The original version of Prime Directive was all about playing as a Prime Team, and was slow to open up other options. The more recent editions of PD, however, offer much more flexibility in terms of what kind of careers and personalities one might want to generate and play as.

Is there anything in particular about the SFU take on things that puts you off?
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