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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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That's an interesting idea, but also brings up questions of it's own. Kirk explicitly refers to himself as a soldier, indicating military background.
I don't think he's speaking literally in that sense, although based on his conversations with Garth and his experiences on Tarsus-IV it seems likely he was a member of some military organization prior to joining Starfleet (maybe a militia movement in opposition of Kodos the Executioner?).

The Intrepid is a Connie - although that could be a case like the Arleigh Burke / Kongo classes today...
Maybe not. It could simply be like we thought all along, that the Intrepid was a Vulcan ship from a totally different fleet and UESPA has treaty obligations with Vulcan via the Federation that means they must render aid whenever possible.

and how do we know when the E is on UESPA authority vs. being forwarded to the UFP.
It's ALWAYS under UESPA authority, but UESPA has certain obligations to the Federation as well (again, treaty stipulations and such). This is sort of what we see in "Gallileo Seven" when the Federation Commissioner has to finally pull rank and order Kirk to abandon his rescue mission.

Hmmm, answering all that and tinkering with the tech and background would let you spin a whole new SF universe out of this...
To be honest, I've always felt the TOS/23rd century era was a lot more interesting than the 24th century incarnation, and different enough that TNG could easily be considered a soft reboot of the entire franchise.
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