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Re: U.S.S. Nakamura (Ambassador class)

Hi guys, sorry for the super-late reply. I appreciate all your comments though

jimster77 - Haha! That's awesome.

JES - I have mostly 2D work on cghub ( but I'll be throwing most of the more recent, Trek-related stuff up as soon as I can. Been thinking about a place where I can put all of it up.

Tellarites4Ever - Let me know and I'll see what I can do

Mark_Nguyen - Hah! I'd actually forgotten about the Admiral back when I started this is 2011. But yeah, based on the contract code number, he'd be really little when this thing was built. I dunno, the Nakamura website has a much better explanation than I would've come up with haha

FatherRob - Yeah, I really do like the original design Mr. Probert worked on, with the diagonal, forward-swept config on the pylons, personally. Too bad "Yesterday's Enterprise" was under such time/resource constraints...

Taking some advice from some folks here and over on scifi-meshes, I changed a few things with the ship. But I had to work from an older version of the ship, due to a HD failure, so the lit rooms in the saucer section aren't in-place yet.

Sorry for the huge images!
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