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Re: Halo Class Variant Type II WIP

NOW I have to decide how big this thing is.

I've always wanted to do a "giant" starship, but the whole idea always strikes me as being too much of the fanboy wet dream - "a starship 5 miles long! With turbo-transwarp drive! And fifty DeathRay 3000 phaser cannons!"

But with my tastes for long, thin, delicate designs, I think this one could work as a biggie without being TOO preposterous. It would be big and fast, yet sometimes clumsy and difficult to handle - like a Boeing 777 at a small airport. NO death cannons.

How about if what now appears to be the bridge module becomes huge, and is the entire habitable section of the saucer? And everything else is internal docking space and equipment? I'm thinking basically a mobile space dock.

The saucer rim would be comprised of numerous docking ports & landing pads, as well as equipment and machinery.
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