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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Thanks, folks, glad that you enjoyed this story.

I'd been wanting to write a story about Amaya Donners and the Agamemnon for a while now but could never come up with a plot idea that I liked. Big shout out to my fellow United Trek writers who helped put together parts of the plot and then allowed me to repurpose it for this story. It was a fun ride and as usual, when I get done with a novel, I feel both saddened and relieved that it's over.

There are no immediate plans for another Agamemnon Voyages novel. I will have to revisit this story later this year to give it another polish though.

If you are interested in reading more Star Eagle Adventures, keep an eye out for my in progress novel Shadows in the Haze which is currently on hiatus but I hope to be picking up again soon.
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