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Re: Time Warner pulls CBS station signals, L.A., NYC

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I feel sorry for all of the people affected by this nonsense.
I really, really don't. Its a TV channel, no ones lives are going to be even marginally impacted by not seeing Dexter. Last year, we lost the NFL Network (something I watched ALOT of) for several months when Time Warner bought our local cable company. I simply found something else to do. Rarely do I watch NFL Network now.
So, by that logic, if you plopped down $80 for a Star Trek Blu-Ray set, and found out halfway through the season that CBS home video decided through negotiation breakdown that they couldn't put the rest of the season on disc and were going to replace the last half season with episodes from Everybody Loves Raymond, you wouldn't have a problem with it? Spending your hard earned money on the set?
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