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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

Needed to take a break from Star Trek for a bit to work on some original universe designs.

Still pretty much a WIP. Standard operational crew is 5, minimal is 2. Composed of three sections:
Front section = command module, with observation tower (main control area is in center of module to offer protection), docking ports starboard and port
Middle section = habitat module, crew living quarters with side mounted modules (undetermined purpose, most likely sensors or bussards, similar but not the same as ST)
Back section = engineering module, jump drive and propulsion area, composed of mechanical stuff (TBD)
Note this ship is an experimental prototype for testing the jump drive tech, therefor not equipped for extended periods alone in space. Also this ship is built sometime in 22nd century, 400-500 years before the main story of the Rimworld universe.

Link to Rimworld background (which needs a few minor changes):
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