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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

Seriously, Robert Comsol? You actually think that I, a professional writer in the English language, could somehow not already be familiar with Shakespeare? I don't think you thought that one through. Heck, I even wrote a whole Star Trek novel that was loaded with Shakespearean allusions and themes, including a central character named Ariel, sections named "Rounded With a Sleep," "Brave New World," and "Abysm of Time," and a Miranda-class starship which I included specifically for the Tempest nod.

You are, of course, correct that there are major differences between the play and the film's story. But that is why I said the film was "inspired by" the play rather than "adapted from" it. As trevanian points out, the filmmakers have made it clear over the years that the play was their inspiration.
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