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Re: TNG's "Too Short a Season" with Kirk...

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To be frank, why would Kirk be to blame for this? The Klingons armed the other tribe first, who then shot at Mr. Spock and wounded him. Kirk was trying to broker for peace, but circumstances (and the oversexed, backstabbing wife of his friend) forced his hand. Plus, Kirk didn't give the Hill People overpowering phasers, but standard flintlocks equal to the other tribe's. It seemed to be a complete and utter mess for all concerned, and not a straight Prime Directive violation like the kind that Kirk usually does.
Good point. Relatedly, this is not the same situation shown in "Too Short a Season," which was a clear weapons-for-hostages situation.

I guess, then, the Kirk version would have more of a bent that of cowboy diplomacy backfiring... which actually would not paint Kirk in that bad a light, IMO.
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